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New Summer Design - Filtering Face Mask

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New Summer Design - Filtering Face Mask

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Due to a dramatic increase in demand, there is now a 10-day delay in shipping orders. We are only producing Black and Blue to keep up with demand. We’re working hard to ship your masks as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and supporting Australian Made.

Why This Mask

A Face Mask designed for australia's warm weather

In Australia, it gets bloody hot. And wearing a heavy face mask on a hot day isn't fun, that's why we created the new summer mask. It has been designed from the ground up to keep your face cool, whilst also filtering the air you breath.

Sizing Guide

Instructions: “Use a string/ shoelace to take the above measurement. Then use a ruler/ tape measure to see your size.” Please see the video below for visual instructions.

What You Will Need:

  • Something to measure your dimensions: Piece of string, shoelace or some paper etc.
  • A measurement tool: Ruler, Tape measure etc.

Step #1: Measure Face Width

Using a piece of string, measure the distance between your ears. The string should be placed just infront of your ears, and be measured across the tip of your nose.

Step #2: Measure Face Height.

Using the same string, measure the distance from the top of your nose (in between your eyes) to the tip of your chin.

Step #3: Use The Calculator

Enter the dimensions into the calculator and know exactly what size is right for you.

​sizing guide calculator

Sizing Calculator

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  • Outer Layer

    100% Polyester @ 170GSM - Mechanical Stretch -
    Hydrophobic (repels moisture)

  • Filter Layer

    100% Spun Bonded (non-woven) Polypropylene
    @ 50GSM

  • Inner Layer

    100% Cotton @ 110GSM - Hydrophilic
    (absorbs moisture)

  • Country of Origin


  • Elastic

    Ear Loops

  • Colours

    Pink Leopard, Lilac Daisy, Blue Daisy, Blue Camo, Summertime

Legal Disclaimer

Australian Face Masks makes it clear that it doesn't guarantee protection against viral or bacterial infections.

The colour of your mask will fade with daily washing and disinfecting, and will not diminish the effectiveness of the mask.

If you have recently covered your hands in alcohol disinfectant prior to wetting and microwaving your mask, it may cause increased colour fading.