This Australian Factory Is Producing 1000 Masks Every Day! - Here’s Ho – Australian Face Masks

This Australian Factory Is Producing 1000 Masks Every Day! - Here’s How...

Australian Face Mask Production

6 weeks ago, our blinds and curtains factory was up against the wall.

Do we shut down? How will we pay the rent? The staff? Will people be buying blinds and curtains during a lockdown?

As a country, we were entering unknown territory.

One thing was certain however. Australia couldn't rely on other countries to provide us with face masks. With a huge global shortage, we decided to step in to help.

Since then, we've employed an extra 15 locals and have reached production of 1000/day. 

Here's how we're making these masks (and how you can get one yourself):

Step #1, The Right Material.

Melt-Blown Polypropylene

Everything starts with having the right material.

Cotton and general cloth will not protect you from viruses. The weave is too loose.

Normal woven fabrics have far too much space between fibres which allow droplets in the air to get through (the most common form of virus spread).

What you need is called “Melt-Blow (non-woven) Polypropylene”.

This material has some amazing properties.

It doesn’t allow small particles to pass through it, it’s even liquid resistant!

But it does allow air to pass through, filtered of course.

Step #2: Cutting The Pattern

Autometrix Mask Cutting

Next, the challenge is cutting the material.

Our masks are produced with 3 layers. This means we need to cut the pattern out 6 different times.

Doing this manually would mean the cost to make each mask rise above $40. It would be impossible to compete with overseas producers like this.

Step in the AutoMetrix cutting machine.

This machine allows us to cut up to 1000 masks/day with only two people.

All the materials are laid down, and the machine does the rest.

Step #3: Sewing

Sewing Machine Operator

These masks require 5 sewing steps to be completed.

Australia used to have many amazing sewing machinists. Back when we produced many of our own clothes.

But over the last 40 years this has all been shipped overseas.

So finding people with the right skills was a challenge…

Luckily, we came across three young Afghani refugees who have been in Australia for 6 years.

When they were young girls living in Iran, they were child labourers working in terrible conditions.

Now they have a chance to apply their trade in fantastic working conditions, for Australian wages.

If it wasn’t for these girls, producing these masks wouldn’t be possible.

Step #4: All the rest

Australian Face Masks Team

Of course, between every stage of sewing there’s more work to be done.

Masks need to be picked, trimmed and packed.

It takes a full team to produce 1000 masks every day.

We don't yet have the automation capabilities of our neighbouring countries. 

But hopefully this is the kick up the bum this country needs to start manufacturing at home again.

Buying Australian keeps people in jobs, it keeps food on the plate and it helps our economy keep moving forward.

How To Get An Australian Made Hygienic Face Mask:

All of our masks are sold directly online.

Please checkout our store here: 100% Australian Made Face Mask!