Get my size – Australian Face Masks

Sizing Guide

Our masks have been designed to be the most comfortable on the planet, and having the right sized mask is where it starts.

Instructions: “Use a string/ shoelace to take the above measurement. Then use a ruler/ tape measure to see your size.” Please see the video below for visual instructions.

What You Will Need:

  • Something to measure your dimensions: Piece of string, shoelace or some paper etc.
  • A measurement tool: Ruler, Tape measure etc.

Step #1: Measure Face Width

Using a piece of string, measure the distance between your ears. The string should be placed just infront of your ears, and be measured across the tip of your nose.

Step #2: Measure Face Height.

Using the same string, measure the distance from the top of your nose (in between your eyes) to the tip of your chin.

Step #3: Use The Calculator

Enter the dimensions into the calculator and know exactly what size is right for you.

​sizing guide calculator

Sizing Calculator